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Gunnar B. Dungal, merchant and horse farmer

Gunnar B. Dungal (born in Reykjavik, 1948) purchased his first horse while still quite young, having earned the necessary funds by selling and delivering newspapers. Ever since that time, horses have been his abiding interest. In the ensuing decades, Gunnar owned and managed  a number of stationers and bookstores in Iceland, including Penninn, Eymundssons, and  Mál og Menning, as well as Blaðadreifing, a periodical distribution firm. The firm was sold in 2005. One could say that, through the years, Gunnar's horse ownership has been supported by periodicals, books, and various sorts of paper. :))

Along with Gunnars business career, he found fulfillment in the countryside, breeding horses, planting trees, and cultivating barren land.

For many years, Gunnar has closely followed developments in the art world, and one could even say that art is his third passion. In 1989, he established a foundation, Listasjóður Pennans (The Penninn Art Foundation), later called Listasjóður Dungal (The Dungal Art Foundation) in honor of his parents, Margrét and Baldvin P. Dungal. This foundation  provides two to three grants each year to young artists, in addition to purchasing art works from them  ( www.listasjodur.is ).

Gunnar was a chairman of Bókmenntasjóður, the Icelandic Literature Fund, for several years.

Today, Gunnar and Þórdís, together with Arnar  Aðalgeirsson run the carpentry and interior furnishings company, GKS. The firm specializes in doors, bathroom and kitchen furnishings and all kinds of cabinetry and interior storage solutions ( www.gks.is ).

In 1975, Gunnar and  Þórdís moved to Dalland, where they have lived ever since. (More information to be found on this homepage under Dalland breeding farm ). In 2006 - 2007, they purchased the farms Stapi and Héraðsdalur I in Skagafjörður. A shift northward to Skagafjörður had long been in the works, both because of horses and because of friends connected with horses. The increasing herd size required more space and necessitated the move to another region. Part of the Dalland breeding stock is now located there, including the younger group of stallions.

(More information is available in the Stapi/Héraðsdalur section of our homepage.)

Þórdís Alda Sigurðardóttir, artist and horse farmer

Þórdis Alda, born in 1950, was brought up on the farm Vestur-Sámsstöðum, in Fljótshlíð. There she became acquainted with all the traditional activities of the countryside, including handling and riding horses.  Þórdis worked at various retailing jobs in earlier years, around and during the time she attended the Teacher training school of Iceland /Kennaraskóli Íslands. For a time, Þórdis ran the fashion store Bazar in Reykjavik's center together with  her friend Fanný Jónmundsdóttir, but when Dalland was purchased in 1975, and she and her husband, Gunnar B. Dungal, moved there, her work was, for the most part, connected with the farm. Besides working on the farm she studied 1980-1986 at the Art College, Myndlista og handíðaskóla Íslands, as well as at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich. For a short time she taught at Myndlistarskólinn í Reykjavík (The Reykjavík Art College), as well as running two galleries, together with colleagues from the art community: Gallerí Gangskör,  and later  Start Art Galley. In Dalland, Þórdis has a studio, which allows her, in addition to her work with horses, to continue her work not only as an artist but in various art-related fields. She has exhibited through the years,both solo and in group exhibitions, in Iceland and abroad. (More information about  Þórdís Alda's art can be found on the following web-pages:  www.toa.is , www.umm.is  and  www.startart.is  )