The upbringing location

In 2006 and 2007, we purchased the farms Stapi and Héraðsdalur in Skagafjörður, which are adjacent properties in Lýtingsstaðarhreppur. We are located very close to the river Svartá, near Steinsstaðir formerly a school but now a hotel, and Bakkaflöt, where there is a restaurant, swimming pool, and river-rafting facilities. The nearby Svartá is a trout-fishing river, and the lower beat of the river Húseyjarkvísl offers salmon fishing. There are numerous possibilities for those interested in mountain climbing, and beautiful walking trails down into the valley, and up onto the heath. It is also possible, in this unspoiled natural environment, to collect moss and gather berries. Nearby farms include Héraðsdalur II, Laugadalur, Litli Dalur, Reykir, and Varmilækur.

On the land at Stapi a great number of trees have been planted which are now beginning to show, though they are still small in 2013. Mares and young horses are kept in the north all year round, as these properties were purchased with the specific purposed of increasing our available grazing land. Both properties are used for making hay.

At Stapi, there is a rather large, new stable, with a small apartment at one end. There is also a residential house from the 60's, which has recently been renovated.

In Héraðsdalur, there are two residential houses, both of which have undergone various reparations and modernizations in recent years, and the surroundings spruced up and fenced in. Large, roomy sheep pens stood on the property and these have been cleaned out and cleared of the various furnishings appropriate to sheep-farming. Amongst other things, they have now been fitted out with a number of stalls suitable for keeping horses.

On the property at Stapi, there is a large lake, Stapavatn, which can be clearly seen from the farmstead, adorning the view. The view to the lake is peaceful and pleasant and resplendent with variety of birdlife. Swans and their nests are to be seen there, as well as various types of ducks and a number of horned grebes. Summer evenings in Skagafjörður are exceptional, with the red-gold reflections of the sun on the water in mouth of the fjord, and the solo cries of the animals, both wild and domesticated, fill one's ears from all directions.

It's a short distance by road to Vindheimamelur from the so-called Dalspláss region, and a good riding path also goes there from Stapi. (Dalspláss is the area where the above-mentioned farms, Laugadalur, Litli Dalur, and Héraðsdalur I and II, are located. It's quite interesting that we always seem to fall for places named "Dalur"!)*

*"Dalur" means "valley".